5. Apidictor (3D Spaceshooter)


Genre: 3D Space Shooter
Development Time: 10 weeks (Halftime)
Middleware: FMOD for sound, TinyXml
Group Mandril
Ahmad Mouhsen
Daniel Hall
Henrik Jönsson
Josef Sundberg
Patrik Dekhla
Graphical Artists
Otto Klevnäs Klang
Jonas Steinick Berling
Jacob Lind
Christian Enerhag
Alexander Brice
1 Musical Composer
Erik Lundgren

My Work:
During this project I worked on the 3D engine made with DirectX 10, Particles, Streaks, Distance fog, Objective markers and list, Cutscenes

About the game:
The game is a space shooter were you’ll face an insectlike opponents and their mothership which you are tasked to take down. This was our first 3D game and we learned alot about moving things in 3D spaces.

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