4. Age of Man (Strategy Game)

Age of Man

Genre: 2D Tactical Game
Development Time: 8 weeks (Halftime)
Middleware: HGE for graphics, TinyXml
Project 4 group
Olga Grigoryeva
Markus Holmberg
Tommie Hansmar
Josef Sundberg
Graphical Artists
Otto Klevnäs Klang
Louise Anjou
Mathilda Holmberg
Christian Yngvesson
Acke Hallgren

My Work:
Depth order rendering, particles , most of the GUI, level import from a third party tilemap editor. Pathfinding avoidance.

About the game:
A tactical game where you must summon spirits to protect yourself and complete the puzzles in each room. Each type spirit perform a specifit role such as tanking, healing, running and range damage.

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