My name is Josef Sundberg. I am 25 years old and live in Malmö, Sweden. I currently study at The Game Assembly as a game programming student. This page will contain my work on the game projects that I have and will be working on. The Game Assembly is a 2.5 years long vocational education. During these years will learn about game development and work on 8 game projects. Each game takes 8-10 weeks halftime to develop except our last one that will be fulltime.

During our first year we created 1 text adventure and 3 2D games with C++ and HGE with a new group during each game project. And during our second year we work with one group across 4 game projects and all of these projects use a 3D engine that each group have developed themselves with DirectX 10 in C++.

Contact: contact@josefsundberg.se

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