7. Colliversum 3000 (FPS Project)

Colliversum 3000

Genre: First Person Shooter
Development Time: 9 weeks (Halftime)
Middleware: FMOD for sound, TinyXml for XML, Havok for physics
Group Mandril
Ahmad Mouhsen
Daniel Hall
Henrik Jönsson
Josef Sundberg
Patrik Dekhla
Graphical Artists
Otto Klevnäs Klang
Jonas Steinick Berling
Jacob Lind
Christian Enerhag
Alexander Brice
Musical Composer
Erik Lundgren
Kokomo (Free Music Archive)

My Work:
I was programming lead during this project and I did the network code, importing the 3D engine to C#, light editor in C#, animation blending, camera flying cutscenes.

About the game:
This is a arena first person shooter where you’ll face waves of enemies. The game also includes a co-op mode over LAN, where you and a friend can face the arena. This game uses the same DirectX10 engine from the previous game except we changed it to deferred rendering now instead of forward rendering.

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