I know I haven’t updated here in a while. But I just wanted anyone who visits here to know that I’m currently working as a programming intern at Avalanche Studios in Stockholm. A position I’m very honored (and lucky) to be in. :)

First person shooter done

We are done with our first person shooter Colliversum 3000 and have now started to work on our final schoolproject which will be a multiplayer racing game like Wipeout.

I’ve also added more information about the previous school projects.

I have also started to look for game programming internships in Sweden. Please click on the games tab to look at my schoolprojects I’ve been working on at The Game Assembly.


Very tired right now after a busy week, ending with a allnighter to finish our game project. This is our groups second game called Hometown. It’s a real time strategy game where you only control 3 heroes who are on a mission to reclaim their hometown from invaders. See more.

So with this project done, we will start our first person shooter game next week. And we have also begun our game script course where we will learn how to implement Lua into our games. We will also start a shader course where will learn cool new things to make our games look better.

First Post

Welcome to!

This is my first post and here I will post my progress on my work as a game programming student at The Game Assembly.

Currently we are working on our 6th game project out of 8, and it will be a Real Time Strategy 3D game, where you control 3 heroes in a city and fight against invading robots that have taken over. We are approaching our final week of development and it feels exciting and a bit stressful at the same time.

I will work to put up more information about my previous game projects at the school. Stay tuned ;)